A Hiatus

Any regular readers will have noticed that in the month of January the blog has been unusually quite.  The reason for this silence has been the impending increase of output that will be required of myself.  I am delighted to have been appointed as Associate Pastor in Antrim Baptist Church.  I begin this role in Feburary, and from that point on will have to balance part-time pastoral ministry alongside part-time PhD studies.  In light of this increase of output I thought it fair to put a pause to my blogging.davyandtracy

I wish to give the people of Antrim Baptist my full attention, and I desire to continue to make progress with my PhD studies.  For these reasons there will no longer be a weekly blog post.  I will continue to write for the Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland’s bi-monthly magazine from time to time, and the odd post may appear here and there.  But for now it is a haitus.

Warmly in Christ.

One thought on “A Hiatus

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