A ‘Halloween’ Prayer

I would encourage you to take a few moments to join me in prayer today.


Our Almighty God, the One who has made, sustains, and will one day renew, all that we see.  We, as your people, seek your intervention in our world today.

We confess our sin before you.  We know that in so many ways we fail to live as your people should, and often neglect what we know and read in your word – both intentionally and unintentionally.  For this we plead your forgiveness.  We also readily admit that very often we fail to acknowledge the true power of darkness at work in our world.  As Scripture displays, Satan and his evil spirits are at work in the here and now.  There is evil and wickedness at work through the apparently innocent Halloween celebrations.  We ask, therefore, for your help to see the seriousness of celebrating anything related to this OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAevent.

In seeing this seriousness, Father, we pray for those who are caught up with the celebrations of evil and wickedness.  Even as some do so unwittingly and innocently.  We think of places such as Derry/Londonderry especially with the growing size of the celebrations there, and many other places across this island.  Open the eyes of those who are blind to the dangers, awaken the sleeping hearts of those who are ignorant of the deeper realities, and startle all those who remain dulled to what is being celebrated.

God, empower your church to be a bold and gracious witness in the midst of this celebration of darkness.  Aid the church in shining light into this darkness.  Give your Word power as it is proclaimed into this world.  In particular, give parents wisdom and courage to explain the realities of Halloween to their children and to make fitting decisions for the good of their children.  Indeed, we pray that you would protect your people from Satan and his schemes.

In recognising the realities and dangers of Halloween, we earnestly ask that you would aid us in not being overly afraid.  We know you to be powerful, almighty, immense, without weakness and always victorious.  Remind us once more that you are greater than he who is in the world.  Therefore, we rest assured knowing that you will accomplish all that you purpose.  Give us confidence in our great God.

We pray all of these things through Jesus and in the Spirit.  May you, God, be glorified through your church today and in the days that follow.


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