Top Five Books from Kevin DeYoung

Kevin DeYoung is undoubtedly one of the up and coming voices in the world of Christianity.  He is a widely known preacher, conference speaker, author and notably has Kevin-DeYoung-color-preferred.jpghis blog hosted on The Gospel Coalition website.  He also pastors University Reformed Church, Michigan.  Although I wouldn’t sign-up to DeYoung’s ecclesiology – he is a lucid, winsome and helpful writer.  In God’s grace he will likely be a key voice for many years to come.  Here are the top five books from DeYoung that I have read recently.

  1. Taking God at His Word: Why the Bible is worth knowing, trusting and loving (2014)

This is an excellent book.  It is a well written, brief, accessible and important introduction to the theology of Scripture.  For anyone wanting to know why we can know, trust and love Scripture – this is the book to start with.  This book also tops my list because the doctrine and nature of Scripture is an important debate now within evangelicalism.  It will be necessary for all Christians to defend the nature of Scripture in coming days.  This book will help us to do this.

  1. The Hole in our Holiness: Filling the Gap between Gospel Passion and the Pursuit of Godliness (2012)

This book was an incredibly timely book when first published.  It was vital that this challenge of holiness rung out in the shadow of the ‘young, restless, and reformed movement’.  Even though that ‘movement’ is perhaps a little less pervasive now, this thinking is ever present.  So many Christians claim that freedom in Christ means that we can live however we want, and yet gospel passion is imperative to the pursuit of godliness.  This will be a formative book for anyone who takes the time to read it.

  1. What is the Mission of the Church? Making sense of social justice, shalom, and the great commission (2011)

This book was co-written with Greg Gilbert (who has written a few good books too).  This is one of DeYoung’s larger books, but it is no less readable then his other books.  There are several important topics discussed and explained in this book that are imperative for Christians to grasp.  There is an excellent discussion on the nature of the Kingdom of God, profitable exegesis of significant texts for the great commission, and most importantly a very good explanation of the place of social action in the mission of the church.

  1. What does the Bible Really Teach about Homosexuality? (2015)

This is another topical book by DeYoung, released at the height of the debate, and yet DeYoung enters the debate winsomely and gracefully.  This book surveys the most important and pertinent texts on the issue of homosexuality.  This book does not always go on to apply the teaching of the Bible into the vast array of pastoral situations that one may find themselves, but then that is not DeYoung’s aim in it.  Rather, it simply and straightforwardly sets out what the Bible teaches on the issue.  It is a must read at the moment!

  1. Just Do Something: How to make a Decision Without Dreams, Visions, Fleeces, Open Doors, Random Bible Verses, Casting Lots, Liver Shivers, writing in the sky, etc. (2009)

The title of this book reveals something of DeYoung’s sense of humour.  Discerning God’s will is one of those things which preoccupies Christians.  What decisions should we make?  Where should we go?  What should we do?  Is this God’s will, or is that?  We are so afraid of making decisions in case it is not the one which God has purposed for us.  DeYoung’s book offers an important and helpful corrective.  This is an excellent book (and very short which aids in getting through it).

If you have never read one of DeYoung’s book I would thoroughly encourage you to make time in the next few weeks to read one of the books mentioned above.  Why not get in contact with me and let me know what you thought about it.


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