Top Five Christmas Albums

As Advent begins I thought that it may be appropriate to share my Christmas playlist. The following are my top five Christmas albums, a great mix of old songs, new songs and fun songs. If you haven’t come across one of these I would encourage you to invest in them.

  1. Sovereign Grace Music – Prepare Him Room (2014).

This is a great album, with a number of new carols written specifically for it; all of which are deeply biblical and often thought provoking. The sound is a very seasonal sound and yet new. I always quickly wear out the CD I copy this album onto.

  1. Relient K – Let it Snow, Baby…Let it Reindeer (2007).

This album is a mix of carols and songs. It is pure and simply a lot of fun and never fails to make me smile. If you are looking for a punk-pop-rock feel to Christmas this is the album for you. There are also a couple of interesting takes on traditional Christmas songs which are well worth a listen.

  1. Casting Crowns – Peace on Earth (2008).

This album has a softer more traditional feel to it than the above ones. Again there are a few original songs on this album, the best of which is ‘While you were sleeping’. Although I wouldn’t sign up to the theology behind that song, I appreciate how it applies the story of Christmas to us today.

  1. Third Day – Christmas Offerings (2006).

I always enjoy the deep, dulcet tones of Mac Powell at Christmas time. There are a couple of really good arrangements to traditional carols and songs on this album which are a great accompaniment for putting up the tree and decorations near the beginning of December. I particular enjoy the arrangement for ‘O Holy Night’.

  1. Red Mountain Music – Silent Night (2008).

There is certainly an alternative sound to this album, but it is a straight forward run through many famous carols. I have this one on the list because it is one of the very few modern albums to have ‘Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus’ – a magnificent carol and prayer for the church today.

I trust and pray these albums will bring a bit of meaning and joy to your Advent this year!


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