iFAQ 4: Why Another Blog?

Honestly, there are a lot of blogs out there. Many are good and many are not. So why another blog?

question markFirst of all, we have to admit that we do have a lot of great blogs out there and that is fantastic! Great blogs are a terrific blessing to the church as they allow for the free and straightforward dissemination of information to anyone who is interested. We love other blogs and we try to learn from them.

However, as we have spent time with other Christians we noticed that the blogs we were all reading originated, for the most part, from North America. We really appreciate the breadth and depth of material that has come out of North America which has benefited so many churches here in Ireland and Northern Ireland. But at the same time we recognised the need to create indigenous material specific to and addressing our unique context and culture.

This is why we began Gospel Convergence. We want to provide quality material for the church in Northern Ireland. To address issues that arise in our context and to apply the gospel specifically to our culture.

Our hope is to encourage Christ-Centred, Mission Orientated, Doxologically Driven theological, ecclesiological and cultural engagement within Northern Ireland. We believe there is a need in Northern Ireland for this kind of forum and we hope and pray you will join with us to realise this vision for our country.


Check out our iFAQ Page for all of our iFAQs.


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