iFAQ 2: Can I Write For Gospel Convergence?

question markAt Gospel Convergence we want to have a broad range of voices from different denominations all over Northern and Southern Ireland. So we would encourage you to get in contact if you would be interested in joining with us.

That being said we have several conditions that must be met by all our contributors and their content:

  1. All our contributors must be in agreement with our Confessional Statement and Theological Vision.
  2. All our contributors must be members in good standing of the church to which they belong.
  3. All our contributors must care about our country. The majority of our contributors will be people who are living here but all of them have an interest in the well being of our country and the expansion of the gospel on our island.
  4. All our content aims to be constructive. We love the church and want her to be built up, not torn down. Therefore all of our content must be shaped with this in mind (1 Corinthians 14:26).
  5. All our content aims to be excellent. We don’t simply want to provide content but excellent content. We hold our content to high standards through a thorough editing process which means published content is always reviewed and often revised in order to produce the best quality content for publication.

If you satisfy these criteria we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us directly via Gospel Convergence or use our Contact Us page.


Check out our iFAQ Page for all of our iFAQs.


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