iFAQ 1: Who Are The Contributors at Gospel Convergence?

This is a question we would encourage everyone to ask – not only at Gospel Convergence, but before reading anything by anybody. Who are the writers?

question mark

We (plan to) have personal profiles available for each of our contributors so you can get to know a little about each of them.

When it comes to our contributors we have two criteria that must be met by anyone who writes for us.

1. All of our contributors must be members in good standing of a local church. Gospel Convergence isn’t non-denominational, but cross-denominational. There is no particular denomination that all the contributors belong to. However, they all belong to an Evangelical church.

This is important to us at Gospel Convergence because one of our aims is to write for the benefit of the church. Our contributors must therefore write out of a love for the church.  This love is best exercised by those who belong to a local church because love is principally expressed in the context of commitment. Mark Dever has said,

‘If your goal is to love all Christians [the church], let me suggest working toward it by first committing to a concrete group of real Christians with all their foibles and follies.’

As such, all of our contributors are committed to a concrete group of real Christians with all their foibles and follies.

2. The majority of our contributors will be writing within the context of Northern Ireland/Ireland. We will not tie our hands on this, but the vast majority of contributors will be writing from a Northern Ireland/Ireland context.

This is important because all that is written is aimed at this context. While blogs and online resources such as The Gospel Coalition, Resurgence, The Proclamation Trust, etc. are of huge benefit, they do not speak directly to our context. Therefore, our contributors will primarily be people who live and work in this context because they are best placed to write with wisdom and insight for our particular context.


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