Christmas Reading

Today I don’t want to offer you some of my thoughts, but rather I want to point you to someone else’s.  To James Montgomery Boice’s in ‘The King has Come’.  So today’s post is short to allow you time to buy and read this excellent book.

the king has comeRecent Royal history has been quite remarkable.

In 2011 we witnessed the ‘fairytale’ wedding of Prince Charming (also known as William) and his true sweetheart (also known as Kate or Katherine now).

In 2012 there were the spectacular celebrations of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – sixty years on the throne!  This coincided with some significant events on our island.  The Queen visited Ireland, laid a wreath in the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin and shook hands with the Deputy First minister, Martin McGuiness.

And this year we have witnessed the birth of a future King – Prince George.  This year the latest King in a long line of Kings has come…

Approximately 2000 years ago another King came.  A king who had been promised for a long time, and a king who changed everything.

His name was Jesus.  Unlike baby George, however, baby Jesus was not born in a royal hospital, did not create a media frenzy with his birth, enjoyed no luxury drive to a comfortable home and was not the third in line to any earthly throne.

Even so, his coming changed this world.

As Christians this is what we celebrate at Christmas.  The coming of Jesus, we celebrate that the King has come.

With that in mind I highly recommend ‘The King has Come’ by James Montgomery Boice.  It is a book of Christmas sermons from both Old and New Testaments.

I assure you that if read this book will guide our thoughts – at this most materialistic time of the year – toward the real gift that should be celebrated – King Jesus.

If you have a favourite read at this time of year why not share it in the comments below or alternatively on our Facebook Page or tweet us @GospelConverge.


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