Why Blog?

Why blog? This is an important question to answer when entering the blogosphere, as it is affectionately (or perhaps not so affectionately) known. My answer? I believe that blogging can be beneficial. As I see it there are three broad benefits to this particular blog…


The benefit to the authors:

First there are benefits for the bloggers.

Writing is a discipline that is of enormous benefit and yet so often neglected. Therefore, to have the opportunity to author blog-posts is an excellent challenge. We very often find ourselves communicating verbally, via text messages or on social media. This does not always allow us to clarify and communicate thoughts, beliefs and values well.

Our hope is this blog gives us the opportunity to set time aside to clarify and communicate our thoughts and beliefs on the gospel of Jesus Christ, in a manner which is beneficial. We also hope this opportunity will aid us in considering in more depth the values flowing from this gospel.


The benefit to the readers:

Secondly, this blog seeks to benefit the reader.

We are not so arrogant as to believe that we hold superior information others need to learn from us. Rather, we love the gospel, believe the gospel and try to live the gospel.

In Northern Ireland this gospel is one which has been perverted by culture, rejected by many and is news to some. Our hope is, as blog-posts appear, they will offer thoughts, truths and meditations that will help the reader consider different ways of proclaiming and demonstrating the gospel in Northern Ireland (and further afield). Additionally, we pray horizons will be broadened, edifying themes will be meditated upon and resources will be shared.

None of us hold all of the answers. Therefore, there will be authors from various denominations, backgrounds, ages, and parts of Northern Ireland. Our aim is not to tell you what to think but to get you thinking for yourself as you interact with different authors, but more importantly with God and his Word.


The benefit of being different:

Finally, we want to be different.

This blog and the authors involved are committed to edifying the saints.

This is not another arena for agitated Christians to blow off steam. This is not an arena for one denominational Christian to attack another. This is not an arena for a newer tradition to attack an older tradition. Instead, this is an arena for the gospel to be proclaimed in a way that aids meditations on the life of Jesus in the mission of his church for the glory of God.

At gospel convergence we are united under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We want to contribute to the bridging of generational and denominational gaps within the context of Northern Ireland (Eph. 2:14-16).

So, why blog?

We hope and pray you will benefit from this blog. Likewise we hope and pray to benefit from the experience ourselves. It is our earnest desire to be a positive influence in Northern Ireland by proclaiming the centrality of the gospel for the joy of the church and the glory of God.


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